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Update 06.04.2021 Keres Update


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We have a few exciting updates to announce that went live in todays update!

New server Icons
  • We have updated our donator Icons with some fresh new gems! Take a sneak peak at the Zenyte rank icon Zen Icon.png
  • We updated our owner and community manager crowns to Red
  • We have added a variety of server announcement icons to make the announcements a little more noticeable
Keres Client Launcher
  • Gone are the days of having to redownload a new client after each update. We have now released our launcher integrated into the the client
3 New Keres Pets!
  • Scavenger pet - This will send loot directly to the bank at 5k GP per item. Very handy for extending those boss trips! Note: Does not work in Wilderness.

  • Genie Pet - This will grant you an hour of double experience per charge! Note: It stacks with other XP bonuses!

  • Mimic Pet - This will boost your double drop chance by 50% for an hour per charge! This also stacks with donator drop chances and scrolls​

3.pngYou can get your hands on these pets for $250 each on the Keres Store. To celebrate the release of these pets, for 2 weeks only we will be doing a limited deal, buy 2 and get the 3rd free! All 3 pets for $500! We want these pets to remain unique and rare, so not only do they have great abilities - They will also help you stand out from the crowd!

In other news...

We have been working non-stop behind the scenes continuing to fix server bugs and pushing QoL updates. We have also been busy organising our media platforms including the discord channel and Keres Forums ready for official release. You will now find a series of bots and commands to make the discord the perfect place to chill with the Keres community.

We have also been working on the forum backends to code a more user friendly navigation system to suit our needs. You can see the before and afters below.
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