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Update 01.05.2021 Keres Update - New High Risk PVP Arena!


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We are pleased to release our second major update to the Keres server. While much of this update includes backend and bug fixes, we are please to finally reveal our new Edgeville theme and custom made high risk PVP arena!

New Edgeville Theme
Let us give you a little bit of background behind our vision for our theme and what continues to drive us to create new content providing a unique experience for our community.

The Keres were female death spirits, daughters of Nyx, the Goddess of the Night, and Erobos, the God of Darkness. They had a gruesome appearance and hovered over the battlefields of Gielinor in search of dying soldiers - For they could not kill, but only feed on the dead. Recent events in Mortytania has seen the return of Valkyries, whose stance towards war between the two cultures are well known within Greek mythology. It's time for the Keres to rise again and it seems they have picked Edgeville to begin their battle.

No doubt the future of Keres will see the return of the Goddess of the Night, God of Darkness and the keres death spirits...

With that said, we are pleased to reveal our new theme!


Custom High Risk PVP Arena
Many of you will have noticed a brand new building south of the bank, this is our custom made high risk PVP arena. When you enter this area you will receive a very stern warning.. This is a dangerous area, should you die here you will lose everything. The Keres death spirits don't mess around, they want bodies to feed on!

When you step into one of the 4 bays you will automatically receive a red skull and lose the ability to protect item. Grab some gear and test your PVP skills while the rest of us watch!

Webstore & Automated Voting
We have all patiently been waiting to be able to claim our vote rewards ourselves, and now you can. Make sure you
vote on all 3 sites to receive a vote mystery box, bonus XP scroll and 3 tickets which can be used in our revamped vote store. You can claim these by typing ;;voted in game after voting.

In addition to this, our webstore is now online where you can find a handful of items that are exclusive to the webstore, donator ranks and mystery boxes. You also have the ability to purchase Keres Credits which can be traded to players or used in our in-game donor store. Chose wisely though as Keres credits can only be transferred to the server, once in-game they cannot be transferred back!

In other news...

  • Fixed CoX pet bug
  • Hiscores added (although a work in progress)
  • Added new entrance system to tournament
  • Added alt check to tournament
  • Added max limit check to tournament
  • Added alt check to wilderness
  • Added trade restriction to tournament
  • Added scroll bar to shops
  • Fixed invincibility bug
  • Fixed safe death bug
What's ahead?

While we can never be sure of a timeframe but we have already began working on a brand new unique donator zone which will include a gambling area. We also plan to implement automated gambling along with many more content updates.

Thanks for your support - Keres Team
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